The Patton Grocery history dates back four generations, since 1880, serving the best products to our community. Our community has expanded and so have we. Patton Grocery Online will contain to deliver the best products from the top brands at the best prices for another 138 years.


Our great-grandmother established the first post office at Alcorn A&M College and was the first postmaster at Alcorn until our grandfather took over in 1924 (when he was federally appointed by John H. Barlett). His official appointed was important to Rural Free Delivery (RFD). According to, “RFD is a service which began in the United States in the late 19th century, to deliver mail directly to rural farm families. Prior to RFD, individuals living in more remote homesteads had to pick up mail themselves at sometimes distant post offices or pay private carriers for delivery.” The first Alcorn post office sat in nearly the same area the current fire and police station on Alcorn State University sits.

Our great grandfather attended Alcorn after being home schooled by our great grandmother who attended Oberlin College in Ohio and received her degree.

Both our great grandfather and great grandmother worked hard and saved enough money to purchase land next to Alcorn.

They open three businesses outside the “back entrance” to Alcorn in 1880 with the final one built in 1906.

Both our great grandfather and great uncle, Luscious Patton, graduated on the same day from Alcorn in 1899.

In 1940 our grandmother established the first restaurant/café in the Alcorn area.

In 1960 our grandfather and grandmother established a laundry mat in the Alcorn area.

In 1970 the first “brick and mortar” Patton’s Grocery was established.

In 1986 a replica of the original Patton’s Grocery was build which is currently in business today.

Our great uncle Dr. Levi Patton was the Alcorn A&M head physician in the early 1940’s.

Our great grandfather taught English and Agriculture at Alcorn.

Our great Aunt Zxlema Patton was the Head of Economics at Alcorn.

Ethel Patton taught as a professor at Alcorn in the 2000’s.

Herb D’Anjou was head of buildings and ground in 1980’s at Alcorn.

Patton Grocery is one the few remaining historical landmarks from the 1800’s in the Alcorn community. Patton’s Grocery was started and founded by an African American Family and run by the same family.